Voices Foundation

for the Promotion
of High School Debate

There is nothing more heartbreaking to me, as a competitor and instructor, than witnessing such barriers preventing individuals from fully actualizing their desire to participate in the activity that I owe everything to.

— John McKay, Founder

Recent Projects:

Scholarships for Debate Camps

Since 2007, the Voices Foundation has provided need-based scholarship assistance to make it possible for students to attend debate camps. Awards are based on (a) financial need, (b) commitment to debate, and (c) citizenship within the debate community.

Where the students come from:

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Past recipients, and their comments:

Voices Round Robin

Since 2005, the Voices Foundation has sponsored an annual fundraiser round robin in Lincoln-Douglas debate. Traditionally, the round robin is held in the Spring, on the topic that will be debated at the Tournament of Champions. Past results:

...Voices is named pretty accurately after what it does because it give those kids passionate and dedicated enough the means necessary to have a voice in an activity where often times the monetary hurdles are big enough to prevent participants from going to certain tournaments or worse-even continuing the activity at all. The Voices Foundation recognizes the importance of helping all individuals stay in the activity that teaches us to question everything and never stop expanding our knowledge about the way we see the world around us....

—Scholarship recipient, 2012

Debate camp was one of the best things I've done for my debate career!.... I had so much fun, while improving my debating dramatically. I feel very prepared going into the next year and teaching my debate team with all the skills I've aquired. Without the support of the Voices Foundation, going to camp would have been a major hardship on my family and I [me]. The Voices Foundation's support significantly relieved this burden, which helped people like me who are passionate about debate, but who find it a hardship to afford things such as camp. Thanks so much Voices! You made all the difference!

—Scholarship recipient, 2010