The Voices Foundation provided partial tuition support for two individuals to attend summer debate camps in 2007.

Sean Wynn

Sean Wynn just completed his junior year Norman High School in Norman Oklahoma. The past year was his first experience with scholastic debate. In his first year,  he has had many accomplishments, perhaps the most notable of which is being the first Afro-American debater in the history of the school debate program to qualify for regionals.  Sean resides with his mother,  who is currently in graduate school working toward a doctorate in communications.

"I was originally accepted to attend Pinnacle Debate Institute. Then, I had to confront the question of how my mother and I would be able to finance the  debate camp tuition. The staff at PDI cut tuition drastically for me but due to some unexpected circumstances it really seemed that even with their generosity, I wouldn't be able to attend for financial reasons. A staff member suggested that I contact the Voices Foundation since they might be able to help me out. I contacted the Foundation about financial aid, and within two weeks they had gathered enough aid to  fund the balance of my tuition. Before this news was even able to sink in, PDI was cancelled for the summer. Quickly after catching wind of this I looked for another camp and found the National Symposium for Debate (NSD).  It seemed like the right fit, and the Voices Foundation transferred their commitment of scholarship support for my application to NSD. Without the financial support of the Foundation, there is no doubt I would not have been able to attend any  summer institute let alone one as exceptional as NSD".

"At NSD I learned more and more each day. One day was the equivalent of a semester of debate class. The instructors fortified my strengths and brightened up  dark spots. The instruction was so individualized I found myself on a first name basis with the entire staff, which says a lot. NSD teaches you skills that aren't exclusive to debate. The research, analytical  thinking, and speaking skills I learned in those three weeks will help me beyond the upcoming season, but help me in my upcoming life. I thank the National Symposium for Debate for this, and I especially am thankful to the entire Voices Foundation for making my camp experience possible".

Nick Bratton

Nick Bratton has completed his freshman year at The Meadows School in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"As any well-informed member in the debate community will tell you, attending debate camp is virtually necessary to become a successful national-circuit debater. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult for  a student to attend camp. As a financial-aid student at The Meadows School in Las Vegas, it has been difficult for me to participate in the activity as much as I would like, as my family cannot afford to send me to camp. I was looking forward to debate camp  to learn to become the best debater I could be. Without camp, I knew I would struggle to compete in the next few years, which is tough to realize considering debate is my life. Providentially, the Voices Foundation helped  immensely. The Foundation contributed to my tuition, making it possible for me to attend the National Symposium for Debate Lincoln-Douglas summer debate program. I don't think I can thank them enough. Additionally, camp helped me grow as a debater in a way that would have never been possible without attending: I learned to finish massive amounts of work in a short time, learned unique and intelligent strategies, learned different philosophies, and most  importantly, I learned how to debate from the best. Moreover, I am sure that this experience will help me one day excel in debate".