Voices Round Robin
Palo Alto, California
April 16, 2005

Will Leiter

This weekend, the Voices Foundation held its debut fundraiser debate tournament. Will Leiter of Monte Vista High School and Stephen Hess of Mountain View High School were the first and second seeds, respectively, and advanced to the demonstration round of the tournament.

On a 4-1 decision - the round was adjudicated by John McKay and fellow participants Sonya Mehta, Daniel Sheehan, Alex Smith, and a three-person guest panel whose votes were combined and counted as one Will won the tournament title. (Student observers Sophie Asher and Rashmi Rikhy voted for Will; Byron Ruby voted for Stephen. Alex Smith dissented from the majority vote.)

John McKay, the founder and executive director of the Voices Foundation, notes:

"Thanks for all those who came out to judge, many volunteering their time for Voices, and helping us raise over $500 for the foundation. Namely, huge thanks to Thomas Brugato, Andrew Garvin, Ryan Lawrence, Bob Skimmyhorn, Larry McGrath, Shyam Ravindran, and Navot Tidhar. Also thanks to Palo Alto High School for letting us use the rooms! Hope everyone had a good time."